Custom Software Design for Engineering Industries

When off-the-shelf software is not meeting your needs, Cohesive will design and develop scalable custom software for your business. Our talented team of Software Engineers creates applications to enhance productivity and produce effective systems for your users, turning your ideas into software solutions that are geared to your business types.

With MicrostructTM fully developed in-house as general purpose structural FEA design software, we work hard to provide highly specialized engineering software to clients, ensuring our solutions combine the best of what technology has to offer today. As technology changes, we evolve to keep you up-to-the-date on advances in the industry and new product offerings.

Structural Engineering

The area of structural engineering is very broad and provides numerous analysis and design opportunities within the industry, but we believe our clients are better served when they can receive consulting services that are specific to particular needs, such as: foundation design, silo design, structural steel design, concrete design, etc.

Software Engineering

We strongly believe in protecting and restoring existing structures for future benefits. Having the right team of professionals who can not only assess existing structural conditions, but able to integrate cost-benefit analysis in their decision making process is vital to the client and broader community.

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Cohesive anticipates improvement in the capital market at the end of the forth quarter through 2022 which will have a positive impact on the construction industry.Sustainability, an important characteristic for efficient design and rehabilitation