Cohesive Engineering Inc.


Cohesive Engineering is privately held corporation that was established to fulfill the need for a full service engineering consulting firm that provides technical expertise in the areas of Structural Engineering, Engineering Rehabilitation and Engineering Management. Our six attributes for success helps us to provide efficient, cost-effective and sustainable results. Cohesive Engineering initial focus is to provide engineering services for complex industrial facilities and parking structures. The founding members of Cohesive Engineering started the firm with a combined amount of 25 years working in the industrial and parking industry.

Attributes for Success
The following six attributes governs our route to success.
Diversity of Ideas
Excellence in Delivery
A premier engineering consulting firm highly regarded for its areas of expertise and forward thinking.
Company Culture

At Cohesive Engineering we believe that our people are our most valuable resource. We strongly believe in providing an environment that will stimulate growth, comradery and enjoyment. Our employees are very passionate about what they do on a daily basis, based on our entrepreneurial spirit and intrinsic rewards. Our goal is create an environment where our employees are inspired and happy to work. The key to understanding our culture is wrapped in our values, ethics, expectations and goals.

Values – our values are based on leadership, ownership, passion, safety and excellence in delivery.

Ethics – we have a social responsibility to or clients, employees and environment to do the right thing.

Expectations – our expectations are value-oriented. We expect our employees to work hard and be rewarded for their hard work.

Goal – our goal is to be profitable and successful. As the company succeed so does our stakeholders and employees.