Dynamic Equipment Supports

Heavy machinery with reciprocating, impacting, or rotating masses requires a support system that can resist dynamic forces and the resulting vibrations. When excessive, such vibrations may be detrimental to the machinery, its support system, and any operating personnel subjected to them.

When designing these foundations, engineers should fully understand the varying backgrounds that are engaged in the analysis, design, construction, maintenance, and repair of machine foundations. Therefore, it is important that the owner/operator, geotechnical engineer, structural engineer, and equipment supplier collaborate during the design process. Each of these participants has inputs that are important and should be effectively communicated, especially considering that machine foundation design procedures and criteria are not covered in building codes and national standards.

Some firms and individuals have developed their own standards and specifications as a result of research and development activities, field studies, or many years of successful engineering or construction practices. Unfortunately, most of these standards are not available to many practitioners.