Cohesive Engineering Inc

Foundation Design

The design of a foundation systems is dependent on three main factors; firstly, the type of structure being supported, secondly, the soil properties and thirdly, the seismic zone. Foundations usually fall in one of three types; shallow foundation, driven pile foundations and drilled shaft foundations.

When selecting a foundation system the following items have to be carefully considered:

  • The ability of the foundation type to meet performance requirements (e.g., deformation, bearing resistance, uplift resistance, lateral resistance/deformation)
  • Constructability issues with the particular type of foundation chosen
  • The location and impact of the foundation installation of existing foundation from existing structures
  • The environmental impact of the foundation construction
  • The cost of the foundation system
The overall goal of the foundation system is meet the load bearing capacity with limited amount of settlement. Our team of structural engineers is verse in the design most types of foundation systems. We work very closely with top tier Geotechnical Engineering firms to get quality predesign/investigative information.