Cohesive Engineering Inc

Parking Structures

Parking structures are a vital extension of the urban or rural transportation system. Parking structures provide a temporary area for storing vehicles during work hours, airport travel, shopping visits, etc. Parking structures are typically constructed with pretopped precast systems, field topped precast systems, conventionally reinforced concrete and/or post-tensioned concrete slabs as the main floor system. The design of parking structures is dependent on location (urban or rural areas, above or below grade, climatic condition, lot size, etc.) and need. The proposed construction site drives the functional layout and efficiency of the parking structure. A strong understanding of the functional layout (ramping, parking spaces module, traffic pattern, high clearances, etc.) of the parking structure is vital to the performance and cost of the structure.

Parking structures can be designed to meet numerous architectural shapes and forms depending on the client’s budget and goal. Green technologies such as; efficient lighting, recycle material, green space and mix-use are highly considered during the pre-planning phase of the design. Understanding the long-term performance of the structure is also important in the design approach. Cohesive Engineering has the capability to provide both functional and structural design of parking structures.