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General purpose engineering program for structural engineers

Software Description

Structural engineering programs have rapidly evolved over the last century. However, programs from the last century cannot keep up with current computer technologies and data demand. Due to the lack of interconnectivity, software upgrades from old assemblies are extremely difficult to accomplish. Thus, some of the legacy computer programs are totally abandoned, and software vendors are willing to provide new programs in lieu of further upgrades.

MicrostructTM was developed with C# and SQL server local databases with Direct3D rendering to eliminate drawbacks suffered by earlier structural software’s. Microstruct’s data structure is 100% transparent, which means user have more control of data up to the Application Program Interface (API) level. The intuitive program library makes the Microstruct highly customizable and internal functions reader friendly.

Program Capabilities

  • Analyze complex structures faster and more accurate;
  • 2-D & 3-D rendering and design;
  • Design of numerous structural elements (slabs, beams, column, steel shapes, steel connections, dynamic supports, etc.);
  • Comprehensive library;
  • User friendly interface;
  • Building code integration;
  • Customizable for different clients based on particular needs, such as quantity take-off, production of drawings, integration of popular BIM models;
  • BIM compatibility;

Key Features

  • Integrated with hot rolled and cold form section profiles from AISC;
  • General purpose computer program for structural engineers;
  • Modern Direct3D renderings;
  • Database driven using SQL server database for seamless communication with drafting programs;
  • User API for designing user-functions and add-on apps;
  • Fully integrate the load management, section management and material management;
  • Customizable for special industrial, such as metal building industry designs, transmission tower designs, exhaust stack designs etc.;
  • Provides intuitive engineering designs and reports;



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  • Direct3D Runtime setup.
  • SQL Server Local – auto installs in setup process.
  • .Net Framework 4.8 – auto installs in setup process.

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